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10 Years and 10 Learnings!!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Few days back I completed 10 years in IT Industry. It has been roller coaster ride and I have been enjoying it to fullest. Started my journey from #Infosys Mysore campus which still I can say it the best thing has happened in my life. Without that disciplined and rigours training I would not have been here. Meet some amazing friends and mentors. Sharing my journey with you all.

1) Build trust with people you work.

“If you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far then go together”

For me team trust is the biggest asset that I have. I feel comfortable when I have people whom I can trust are around me.

2) Hard work is the only shortcut to success.

Always give 200% whatever you want to do. Hard work will be your best friend to achieve that. Talent and luck matter but not beyond certain level.

3) Find a good mentor

Having a good mentor will help you to find you strength. You will get chance to introspect yourself and then work on your shortcomings. I was not able to speak a single line properly till the age of 23 due to my stammering. But my mentor pushed me to all possible stages to face the audience. Most of the time it went terribly wrong but in few I connected well with the audience and now at-least I can put my thoughts with my team members.

4) Stop comparing

Every individual has its own story, goals, commitments responsibilities and success. We always try to compare with our friends, team members, which creates lot of complexions inside. Instead of comparing, keep yourself interested in individual success stories. Try to know how they are successful and reached there. Many times, we do not know the story behind. So, cherish the success of others and learn from it.

5) Try to gain respect of your team.

I know we all are running never ending race. We all want to be the best and win this race. But never pull someone leg to win the race. Celebrate success of your team members as if you are celebrating your family success. Treat you team as your 2nd family. We might need to spend as much time with your team as much you spend time with your family.

6) Learn, Implement, Share and Repeat.

Keep learning whatever interests you. It should not only be technical skills. Work on your Entrepreneur skills, People skills, soft skills. Always share your learning. I have learnt most of the things from my team members only. So, keep sharing and learn from others.

7) Have your short term and long-term goals and keep evolving it.

Have clear cut define goals and keep track of it and change it as required but not to comfort yourself. Our goals keep changing with the circumstances. When I started working my goal was doing MBA but still its didn’t happened. Keep track of your family member goals also. Discuss your goals with them. Sometimes we get involved in our self so much that we forget that someone is also walking with us.

8) It’s OK to disagree.

Its ok to disagree but don’t bring your ego in-between. Everyone has the right to say and agree/disagree. Respect them for that. One need to be courageous enough to disagree. Try to hear everyone’s point and give everyone a chance to speak.

9) Have personal connection with your team members.

As I said earlier to treat your team as your second family. We spend almost 40-50% time with our team members. Try to have personal connection with your team members. Its not like getting involved in their personal life but try to be a person to whom they can come and talk. A cup of coffee with some chit-chat solves many things.

10) Don’t become a machine.

Life is also beyond solving complex problems, meeting deadlines. Projects will come and go.

These all are my experiences. As I said everyone has its own story, share your story. It might connect with someone.

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