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Back to Basics: Introduction to JAVA and Object-Oriented Programming

Recently I collaborated with Newton School to create a series of video lectures on Introduction to Java and Object Oriented Programming. The lecture contains 8 videos with hands-on demo and coding snippets. You can see the video on YT.

Readers can download the presentation (shown in the demo) from this link.

The code snippets can be found in my GitHub repo.


The basics of programming and JAVA as a programming language is covered in this video. I have talked about how the levels of Programming Languages like Machine Level, Assembly Level and High Level Programming Language. Then I have talked about how the basics of JAVA and how JVM works.

Building Blocks

The basic building blocks of JAVA - variables, data types, operators, taking inputs and producing standard console outputs.

Logic and Iteration

How to write logical statements using if ... else and switch ... case. How to iterate using while loop and for loop.

Complex Data Types

Strings and Arrays

Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

In this video I start with the concepts of Object-Oriented. I have talked about the evolution of Object-Oriented Programming from a Procedure Oriented model. Then I go into how we can model real-life objects into the programming world.

Finally I have shown how to create classes in JAVA.


Having provided a basic idea about OOP, in this video I have provided a deep-dive into classes. Specifically I have covered Constructors, Methods, instance-level variables and created object.

Advanced OOP Conceps

I have covered the 4 Pillars of OOP with practical example.


In the ultimate video I have demonstrated the power of Object-Oriented programming by designing News channels in a TV.

Do let me know in the comments (here in the article or on the YouTube videos) what kind of other tutorials I can create.

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